The reason we have more obesity, more allergies and more chronic illness in this country is, tragically, from what we have come to believe is healthy food.  

This page is so important to your health and well being that you absolutely must read it and believe it...then take action upon it.  The food industry has so drastically changed in the last 10 years that nearly every single person in America is in danger of contracting one chronic disease or another before retirement age.  


 We eat too many simple carbs. These are foods that convert to sugar in a heartbeat, and have the exact same effect on your fat-storing hormone (insulin) as the white stuff does: cereals, breads, pasta, rice, cookies, crackers, and soda. (Dr. Jonny Bowden)

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The answer to expensive store bought organics is to raise your own food. Can it, freeze it or ferment it. Prepare your own meals in quantity and freeze them in meal proportions. The hard work of raising an organic garden can be accomplished in almost any yard with sun, but the labor can be minimized by properly preparing the soil. I did it, so I know it can be done. Turn the soil as deep as possible and remove completely from the soil all the weeds you can find. Then plant marigolds all around the perimeter. (keeps most bugs out). Use composted manure mixed with soil around every organic plant or seeds. When the plants are large enough, weed one more time, then use wood mulch to cover the whole garden as deep as possible, without smothering the plant. That will prevent most weeds from continuing to infest your garden. All you have to add, after that, is water. I use my roof to collect water and a soaker hose to minimize the use of spraying with city water. I made a few mistakes with planting at the right time on some of my veggies, but I produced tremendous amounts in a very small area and froze a lot for winter consumption.