America's schools and universities are hampered by antiquated science which removes objectiveity and creative thinking. Thus, we are falling further and further behind other countries in education. Other problems, such as declining morals, discipline and motivation also lie at the doorstep of this same junk science.  We can stop blaming lack of funds, because all the money in the world will not solve this problem.  The problem is insidious but can be corrected.  The following website details what should be an obvious solution, but will be vehemently opposed because of deep-seated, long taught principles that were always unscientific, though propagated and defended by the majority of academia. 


The false information that passes for science, unfortunately, begins in our institutions of higher learning. Politicians, corporations, municipalities and manufacturers are headed by and consist of the products of these institutions, who use this false information in their vocations and knowingly or not, pollute everything they are involved in.  Before you say this is just radical conspiracy theory, consider the following. Cities use fluoride to kill bacteria in our water supply and it does that quite well at a very low cost. However, flouride is a dangerous substance in any quantity. PLEASE READ 


Now, having read this information; can it be that chemistry teachers don't know this?

Maybe they don't, but it is difficult to imagine that those with degrees in chemistry that are hired to manage water treatment facilities or who are in other ways responsible for municipal water supplies don't know about the dangers of fluoridation. How about the chemists who work in the formulation of toothpastes?

How about the millions of dentists telling everyone to use fluoride toothpaste or make sure your water is fluoridated, because it prevents tooth decay? Their education is sadly lacking.