Poison Your Dog?    Of course not.  You wouldn't think of it;  Or Would You?

   If you are using Frontline, Advantage or any of several other commonly recommended drugs, you may be doing just that. Reason:  The same one that applies to the thousands of humans that die every year from continual use of drugs. Neither humans or animals are designed to take chemicals into their bodies to treat anything.  There are vets that do not recommend them and provide natural flea and tick control, just like there are MD's that do not use drugs to treat illness. Many people think there are no alternatives for animals, but I have used natural flea and tick control successfully for two years now. I use a Young Living product called Digize on my dog's paws and it successfully repels such pests. Additionally, I bathe her with Cedarwood and Eucalyptus oils added to the water. Other natural essential oil blends have worked well, also. 

   Dr. Becker, a vet that works with Dr. Joe Mercola, has her own recommendations for natural flea and tick control.  

   If you want your pet to live a long and healthy life, consider these natural alternatives.